Watch my acrylic abstract painting demonstrations, knives, brushes, hair dryer, masking tape, everything, many techniques and tips in accelerated videos.

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The source of inspiration for my demonstrations

I have several methods and tricks to create, the first one is to paint regularly in order to develop creative ideas, techniques and automatisms of creations. Then I reuse this knowledge in my new videos of abstract painting demonstrations and I refine my style.

The second is to think about what I am going to paint, either mentally or by sketching, I imagine the rendering, the composition, the shapes, the colors. I try to stick to it and I add a touch of feeling.

The third one, consists in not preparing anything in order to feel free and let myself be guided by instinct, creativity, the mood of the moment. Obviously, this is not the easiest way when you start painting, blocked by technical problems, the choice of colors, you quickly lose the rhythm and the desire to paint.

The last one is secret, it is the one that allowed me to create my style. I transmit it to you in my training 😉

The choice of the colors of my works

Once again, I proceed by instinct, during my demonstrations of abstract painting, I choose the colors according to the previous ones, my mood, my feelings, what I want to convey and make feel in my work.

When you are a beginner, what is interesting is to learn the theory of colors, it allows you to know which colors to choose and to associate them very easily.

If you want to know more, come and share your passion with our abstract painting community.

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