Today I will share Peg’s testimony with you.

Because sometimes we need to regain confidence as painters, I think that testimonials of other artists like Peg are perfect to help motivate you and restore your confidence.

In 2017, Peg sold her company to change her life!

She had an idea in her head for a few years, to achieve her dream: become an artist and life off abstract painting.

After a difficult start in abstract painting, she made some research and decided to follow my painter: Elite Abstract Painter course to fill in her gaps and progress as quickly as possible.

After 3 months of studying at her own pace, she made great progress.

Peg learned how to create abstract paintings by following the Elite Abstract Painter course. She put her heart and soul into her new passion and started to live off her paintings after just a few months.

I invite you to discover her testimonial in the video below

“After just 3 months of training, I’ve thrown myself into it! I have sold 15 paintings in the first month! 

Peg Wieko

Here is the text transcription

Hello !

Today I wanted to tell you about John Beckley’s Elite Abstract Painter training. I wanted to talk to you about it because it is a training that is close to my heart, not only that but today I can say that this training has really changed my life.

So, for the record, I had been wanting to get into abstract painting for quite some time.

I had bought a lot of material: paints, brushes, canvas. In short, I had piled up all this stuff in a closet and then I thought “maybe one day I’ll start, when I’ll have the time”.

In fact, I think I didn’t start sooner because I was afraid of missing out. And then one day I decided to do it, I took out all my painting equipment: my canvas, my brushes and I started to paint my first one.

The expected result was not there, I call it a failed painting rather than an abstract work of art. I’ll show it to you.

Here it is! I kept it carefully. So, this is what it looks like. So, you can turn it around, I think… Here it is! It’s the same, it doesn’t make it prettier if you put it like this than like that.

In short, it’s a soulless, dull painting. I was not happy with the result. I couldn’t create my paint gradients, couldn’t control my color. My paint was sometimes too liquid, sometimes too thick. In short, I couldn’t find the solution to really make an abstract work as I wanted it.

So if you’re like me, if you missed your painting, it’s not a failure in itself because when you start a new activity, you always dream. And I tell myself that if there’s a problem, there’s got to be a solution. So, there is no need to tell you that you are useless, that you will never succeed because I have found the solution and it may be the same for you.

So, after this failure, I decided to do some research on the internet to find THE course to start in abstract painting. So I found a lot of small courses, well a lot, I found some abstract painting courses that were not very expensive, around 30 – 40 euros but that frankly did not bring me anything.

Then one day I went on YouTube and I saw John Beckley’s painting demonstrations. And then I must say that it was a revelation for me. I loved his painting, I loved the emotion that he put into his painting. I loved the harmony of colors, in short I loved what this artist wanted to give through his works.

And I said to myself, “I want to give as much as John Beckley and especially to acquire the technique to do it.

After that, while watching his painting demonstrations, I saw that he was offering a training course. Finally I said to myself “great, what a bargain, I’ll go and see what the training contains and if it can meet my expectations”. Indeed, John Beckley’s training is very, very, very complete. To summarize, he deals with a lot of points and I think that what really impressed me and what brought me a lot in my training are the steps, that is to say that for each work, John has a few dozen works, even more than a dozen – what am I saying – there must be about thirty in all, for each work there is a step by step, that is to say that John explains to you from A to Z how he realized this work.

So it’s very educational. He will teach you how to use the brushes, which brushes to use, under what conditions to use them, what one brush brings more than another. He will teach you how to make projections, the projections that he makes in his works. He will also teach you how to achieve effects of materials, textures. In short, it is a training that is very, very, very complete.

So if at the beginning I realized without the training of John this type of painting, today behind me, you can see the kind of paintings that I realize. So it’s a training that has really helped me a lot.

It’s been about three months since I started painting abstract. I have been able to do some exhibitions. I had many, many positive feedbacks from strangers but also from my family, from friends who saw a real change in me.

So, today, thanks to John’s demonstrations and especially his training, I can say that I have found my way. Thank you John!

What I also wanted to tell you is that I have sold about fifteen works at the moment, about fifteen paintings through websites, websites dedicated to the sale of products and today, I plan to make my website. A professional website in which I will sell my paintings, with the process of orders and everything that goes with it.

And I insist a little bit on this website because I saw that John was going to propose a training to make his professional website, with the process of orders and everything that goes with it for artists who finally do not know how to make a website. So it’s a training that I’m looking forward to.

So this is a training that I recommend to all of you, whether it’s for a leisure activity or if you want to make it your job, it’s really something that I recommend. So the training is called Elite Abstract Painter. It’s a course that I highly recommend. That’s it! Thank you all! Goodbye to you all!





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A propos de l'auteur John Beckley

  • Peg,
    Congratulations on you video and your paintings. They are divine! Your positive outlook is very becoming and I appreciate seeing your video. Happy painting!


  • Your paintings are amazing, I cannot believe that you have achieved such amazing talent in such short time with John Beckley’s abstract painting course.
    I am doing his abstract painting course also, I am dreaming of the day when my paintings will be of a standard where John Beckley will not be disappointed.

  • Bonjour Peg,

    Tout d’abord, puis-je commencer par m’excuser pour mon atroce français, nous, les Britanniques, sommes tellement paresseux en ce qui concerne les langues, et j’ai honte de dire que seul Google translate peut rendre cette note possible!

    Je regarde les vidéos YouTube de John depuis plusieurs mois maintenant, et je m’émerveille de son talent; il rend le difficile si facile, quand je sais par expérience amère que ce n’est pas … J’ai d’innombrables photos de champs boueux dans mes collections! *en riant*

    Je vous ai regardé passer en revue le cours de John, et la transition de cette toute première tentative de résumé à l’endroit où vous en êtes aujourd’hui est absolument fantastique. Vous avez un grand œil et produisez des pièces vraiment magnifiques qui auraient fière allure sur n’importe quel mur, n’importe où dans le monde.

    Moi aussi, j’ai un matériel artistique de collection que j’ai déposé dans un placard il y a quelques années et je suis maintenant inspiré pour essayer le cours en ligne de John moi-même – alors merci. Merci d’être une inspiration pour les autres.

    Meilleurs voeux
    Stuart Holman

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